3D Aluminium BENDING


IMPOSSIBLE 3D Aluminium Bends

Alubend fabricates EN1090-3 Certified structural components
3D Curved aluminium window frame
  • Bends in multiple planes
  • Controlled twisting
  • Multiple radii on each axis
  • Repeatable
  • In-house heat treatment

If you have been looking for a 3D aluminium bending service provider, then you have just found your new partner.

With many years of experience and a proven record of numerous successfully completed projects. We promise to deliver high-quality bending work that is 100% custom-made to your specifications and requirements.

One thing is for sure: We settle for nothing less than perfect.


Three-Dimensional Bending

Without a doubt, 3D Aluminium Bending is making more and more heads turn today. At Alubend, we use the latest technology and innovative machinery to bend even the most difficult shapes tailor-made to your requirements.

We specialize in 3D aluminium section bending and have years of experience bending sections in ways that were thought to be impossible.

We help create unique and striking aluminium structures that simply no one else can produce.

Alubend fabricates EN1090-3 Certified structural components

    Alubend Technology

    Our production is manned by a team of experts and a sophisticated in-house heat treatment that can bend even the hardest shapes on multiple radii on each axis. Controlled twisting can be used to ensure the section is in the correct plane after the bending.


    Key markets

    Whether it’s for architectural design, decorative features, or automotive structural parts –three-dimensional bending has been gaining momentum in numerous industries and sectors worldwide. Nevertheless, three-dimensional bending is heavily seen in free form buildings since it can provide increased functionality without compromising on the looks. For example, if you want to reduce the heat in a building, then you can use an aluminium section which is known for sun deflection.

    3D Curved Aluminium Window Frame


    At Alubend, we make sure to provide you with a complete solution. Therefore, for your convenience, we can supply profiles with an architectural powder coat and cut to length ready to be assembled.  Additionally, individual customer specifications are always the first priority for us.


    We use the latest technology and advanced machinery to ensure that your architectural structures are crafted precisely as well as effectively without any inaccuracies. Therefore our building and architectural work will be ready for delivery only if it passes our stringent standards and controls.


    If you require PPAP or CMM reports for your project, don’t hesitate to request. Additionally, can deliver reports including process FMEAs, dimensional results, control plans, process flow diagrams, and PSWs.