Machining Aluminium Curved


Inhouse Machining Centres

Alubend Heat Treatment Oven s
Twisted profiles in the heat treatment oven
Curved aluminium parts heat treatment

Aluminium Component Machining is one of our key secondary services. Because of this we have invested a large amount into the set up and maintenance of an advanced inhouse machining lab that is able to machine both straight and curved components, giving us the flexibility to decide when to machine during the production process.

  • 3  and 5 – axis machining centres
  • Lengths up to 6m
  • Machining tolerance of inline with DIN ISO-2768-1 Fine Class

Market Focused

The majority of our machining work is done for the transport industry.

Components for vehicle manufacture, rail and aerospace all call for machining as a key part of the manufacturing process.

These industries are well known for their strict tolerances and tight schedules. Our inhouse centres allow us to work to each market’s specific needs.


Inhouse Design Team

 our team on design engineers are always on call for your project’s needs. Whether it’s advice, 3D reference models or full designs, we assist with a range of design work.

This includes generating models for CMM checking post machining to ensure we meet every requirement.


At Alubend, we make sure to provide you with a complete solution. Not only we cater for all the bending services, but we also cater for the machining, welding, assembly, strengthening, powder coating and anodising of the material. Always with the individual customer specifications in mind.



We use the latest technology and advanced machinery to ensure that your architectural structures are crafted precisely and effectively without any inaccuracies. Our buildings and architectural work will be ready for delivery only if it passes our stringent standards and controls.


If you require PPAP reports for your project, don’t hesitate to request them along with your order. We can deliver PPAP reports including process FMEAs, dimensional results, control plans, process flow diagrams, and PSWs.