Aluminium Forming Tolerances


Tolerences for Aluminium Bending

Our Aluminium bending service supplies to a wide variety of industries. Some of which require incredibly tight tolerances in all components. Industries such as Aviation, Automotive, rail and Medical industries are all very strict on their tolerances.

Many clients will put forward their own tolerances for their projects. In cases where tolerances are not given we will use our standard tolerances as follows:


Aluminium Bending Tolerances

Diameter Tolerences
Up to 500mm Dia +/- 2mm
500mm to 1000mm Dia +/- 2.5mm
1000mm to 2000mm Dia +/- 4.0mm
2000mm to 6000mm Dia +/- 6.0mm
Over 6000mm +/- Dia / 1000mm
Max deviation – L/1000 or 6mm Which ever is greater

Through our experience we have found that generally speaking, our standard aluminium forming tolerances works well for most projects, and unless specifically tight tolerances are needed the standard set works well to balance accuracy, quality and lead times.

On many occasions we have worked to tighter tolerances and if you feel your project might require more than our standard tolerance we encourage you to let us know.

We are leaders in the field of aluminium forming and our abilities are unmatched in terms of bending parts that others deem impossible.

We use a number of different Quality checking methods to ensure that our parts are within tolerance. These include Plots, Check Jigs, Go / No-Go  Gauges, 3D Scanning and Tactive Probing CMM reporting.

You can read more about these methods in this blog post.

This focus on quality extends to all of our inhouse services including aluminium machining, heat treamtment and powder coating. This inhouse premium production is what sets us apart as an aluminium bending company. 

If you would like to know more about our aluminium bending tolerances or any of our services, please get in touch.